"The Titan Transformation is hands down the most well put together training and diet program you will ever sink your teeth into. It's so easy to understand and follow. If you follow this program there is no way you will not reach your goals and have that body you always wanted.
I've always loved going to the gym and doing my workouts but having something to really follow is not only so much more beneficial for me but it is exciting to see what the next days workout and diet is going to be. It's like Christmas every day!! I like how you get to switch it up everyday with something totally different.
The difference here is that you are tricking your body which is a proven way to see a change in your body like you have never seen before!

With this program your muscles are in a constant state of confusion and they have no choice but to morph into something beautiful!!
Last year I was living with someone who did not support me in anything I wanted to do, especially my gym time. I still tried to eat right and workout as best as I could but was made fun of and made to feel guilty about my efforts to try to stay healthy. This is why it is so important to have a good support system, because this is a journey not to be taken lightly, this is your life, your dream to become the person you always imagined you could be. If you have no one to support you, you will fail. I had gained about 15 pounds over a year because my workouts went from 6 days a week to about 1 day a week. I still tried but it was almost impossible to stay on track.
Well I finally did something about it because the depression was too much to handle and I made my great escape and let me tell you, I haven't been this happy in my entire life. I've learned so much over the past year about respect and people in general and never again will I put myself in a situation that I cannot control ever again. and I feel this way thanks to my very special BFF who has shown me the way and of course thank you also to Ben the creator of Titan Transformation who gave me the strength mentally and physically to be the person that I am today. My transformed body has given me this newfound confidence that enables me to feel like I can achieve anything from here on out that I set my mind to. I feel like I just started living, and that.....is what life is all about."
Melissa B. (Co-Captain)

"Within the first 2 weeks of doing the program I noticed a big difference in definition in my abs and all around core."
-David H.

Anna M.

- Decreased Bodyfat from 70% to 19%

- Gained an abundance of enegy

- Eliminated health problems

- Self Confidence Skyrocketed

Years of yo-yo dieting and an unhealthy lifestyle had left Anna "morbidly obese." She was on a variety of medications including antibiotics, cortisteroids, high blood pressure medications and others due to her being so overweight.

Marcus V.

- Impressive gains in Lean Muscle Mass

- Increased Athletic Performance

- Tremendous Strength Gains

- Decreased Bodyfat from 18% to 10%

Marcus V. happened to discover The Titan Transformation at a time where his gym results had stalled out.
After 4 years of training his workouts had become dull and he had reached a physical plateau.

"My experience with the Titan Transformation was a life change for me!!!!!! At 5'2 and almost 200lbs..and feeling really depressed and not liking myself, to the point of wanting to have my mouth wired shut I asked God for help! Not knowing what else to do, I was introduced to this program.
After the first four weeks I was able to get into my lay down jeans..... Ladies you know...the jeans we lay down to zip up! By the end of the 12 weeks I had lost a mind blowing 40lbs...37ins. With an energy level through the roof.... I went from a size 16...to a 10 jeans!!! Now at 54 years old there's only one thing a 20 year old woman can do that I can't....Turn 21 next year!"

Oscar M.

- Dramatic Physical Change

- Huge Strength Gains

- Massive Decrease In Bodyfat

- Increased Lean Muscle Mass

Oscar has completely reconstructeded his life using Titan Transformation. The tools in the curriculum recreated not just his physique, but his self esteem as well!

"Titan Transformation was one of the most difficult, yet fulfilling things I've ever accopmplished. Titan gave me back my smile and my self confidence. Thank You!"
Lakeisha J.M.

Stephanie G.

- Drastic reduction in bodyfat

- Increased strength 31% in 12 weeks

- Defeated unhealthy addictions

- Increased lean muscle mass

Stephanie happened to be introduced to the Titan Transformation while battling an addiction to alcohol and smoking. Unhealthy eating habits had caused her over 25 pounds of weight gain.

"Since I've started the program I have gotten very disciplined as far as exercising and the way I eat. I feel physically awesome no more terrible back pain, the junk in the trunk has practically disappeared most of all I feel so great when people I haven't seen for a while can't keep their jaws up because they say I look amazing and it makes me feel so good and the most rewarding for me my jeans do not fit me. I have to say something b4 I started the program I was going thru many issues and I prayed every day and asked God to help me do something for myself that made me feel good and he put this program in my path.
I want you to know that I greatly appreciate that u put this program together and have made so many people happy with the quick results and for being the loving person that u r although u r tough with workouts u r still a very caring person and that's why u r tremendously blessed because u care and I pray for u all the time and keep thanking God for putting u in my path, many blessings to u all this is directly from the heart with happy tears in my eyes."
- Carmen H.

"Being a turbo instructor I was already very fit and I thought I would need to toughen up the workout, but if followed correctly it's pretty challenging. It was tough even finishing the 1st week... Oh My!!"

- A. Means
News Anchor & Turbo Instructor

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