Titan Transformation is Comprised of 3 Key Components That Create Its 100% Successful Mind, Body & Life Reconstruction System

Proper nutrition is not about starvation and denial but learning how to eat properly with the correct balance of macronutrients of protein, fats and carbohydrates for life long results. Our guide consists of six daily meals to ensure your body gets the fuel it needs to run like a clean, efficient, well tuned engine at optimum performance.

With over 504 pre written meal options we take the guesswork out of proper nutrition. In addition to nutritional information, our guide provides invaluable knowledge to steer you through the maze and confusion of the plethora of supplements on the market today. With this program you will know which supplements, depending on your body type and goals, will accelerate and support your goals.

The subconscious mind can make immediate positive or negative physical changes within your body. When channeled correctly it becomes an omnipotent force in your body transformation journey.

With any weight training or weight loss program it is important to have a SPECIFIC GOAL and stay motivated and focused towards it. The curriculum incorporates daily affirmations to unlock and tap into your subconscious mind for unparalleled results. By completing the daily affirmation exercises and reading the daily motivational reinforcers, you will begin to develop the "TITAN" mind set.

Titan Transformation teaches you to develop the subconsious program that is constantly running in the background of your mind, which will in turn create positive results in your physical and mental being.

Weight Training is key to ANY fitness goal, it builds strength, burns calories, improves coordination and has a multitude of other health benefits, not to mention it makes you look great naked. Titan Training is a 12 week structured training regimen which incorporates over 115 exercises that include, weight training, anaerobic conditioning, flexibility, agility and speed training.

Titan Training fuses extreme muscle confusion with its patented intensity scale to create new challenging workout routines each week which creates continuous and awe-inspiring results. The workouts are constantly exciting as no two weeks of the curriculum are the same.
Titans train 5-6 days per week following the high octane Titan Transformation training curriculum. Studies show drastic physique improvement come from training 5 or more days per week.




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