When did you first begin noticing a big change?

"Wow! a lot of fat loss, muscle gain. My pants size went down, gained so much energy!"

Please elaborate on the physical changes that resulted while using the Titan Transformation?

Oscar has completely reconstructeded his life using Titan Transformation. The tools in the curriculum recreated not just his physique, but his self esteem as well!

Oscar M.

- Dramatic Physical Change

- Huge Strength Gains

- Massive Decrease In Bodyfat

- Increased Lean Muscle Mass

How much gym knowledge did you have before Titan Transformation?

"The week I wasn't able to walk?" (laughing) "Week 5!! Those intervals!"

"None! Just knew how to pay the membership!"

What is your advice to other guys who haven't been able to reach their fitness goal who may be thinking of trying The Titan Transformation?

"I would say like the third week."

Which week of Titan was the most challenging for you?

"It's the best, just do it. Is very challenging, but you see results really quickly it's not like you have to wait a year to see results, you see them really quickly! I liked that."

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