Marcus V.

31 years old

- Impressive gains in Lean Muscle Mass

- Increased Athletic Performance

- Tremendous Strength Gains

- Decreased Bodyfat from 18% to 10%

Marcus began using Titan Transformation at a time where his gym results had stalled out. After 4 years of training his workouts had become dull and he had reached a physical plateau.

"Well when I began the program I was 189 pounds 18% bodyfat and 12 weeks later I was 180 pounds and 10.3% bodyfat which is huge. Following the workouts and Titan diet got me the results I wanted."

What motivated you to begin Titan Transformation?

"Well I had been going to the gym for some years but I basically needed something to put that spark back in me; something to guide me into getting the results I wanted cause I was at a plateau. So basically I was still going to the gym and doing my normal workout but I didn't have like a challenge."

What did your normal workout routine consist of?

"For cardio I used to do running, biking or swimming and the regular 3 sets of 10 for biceps, triceps, chest and other body parts but nothing as specific as in the Titan program."

Please elaborate on the physical changes that resulted while using the Titan Transformation?

"The first week after I did the detox alone it really shocked my body, but when I really started noticing results was right at 30 days; the program just took control and my body just started drastically changing. My strength went up and I started getting more definition."

When did you first begin noticing a big change?

"This to me completely is a life changing experience that I'll take with me wherever I go. Cause before I used to workout normal, but I used to basically train to eat. Like I used to workout as much as I wanted, but I used to eat much as I wanted and this program basically showed me self discipline. It was a complete change in my lifestyle to clean eating with the right amount of proteins and now I know a lot more about working out. And people noticing the difference and wanting to get information, it just makes you feel good, I felt awesome."

How did Titan Transformation differ from anything you'd done in the past?

What is your advice to other guys who haven't been able to reach their fitness goal who may be thinking of trying The Titan Transformation?

"Well there aren't many things out there as detailed and motivating as this. It's perfect; it's basically like a personal trainer in a notebook. It's a challenge, but anybody can do it, if you have that drive and determination, anybody!"

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