What is the Titan Transformation program?
Titan Transformation is a 16 week, muscle building, fat loss, mind and body sculpting program that has 3 components: Training regimen, Affirmation journal, and the Intake (nutrition) regimen.

What makes Titan Transformation so effective?
When followed as written, Titan Transformation has proven to be 100% effective in gaining lean muscle mass and losing fat. Titan Transformation helps you attain your fitness goals because it a complete program that supports your goals, mentally, physically, and nutritionally.

What results can I expect?
As with any program, results vary based on your effort and adherence. However if followed correctly, Titan Transformation will get you to your fitness goals; many individuals have reached their fitness goal before the end of the first 8 week phase of The Titan Transformation.  

My focus is to gain muscle not lose weight, is this program right for me?
Absolutely, this program is designed for those who are looking to gain lean muscle mass as well as those looking to lose weight.

I don't enjoy journaling, why is it necessary for me to keep an affirmation journal?
Journaling is an essential part of the Titan Transformation program. Where the mind goes, the body follows. Initially, you may find it difficult to complete your journal entries but as time passes you will find the journaling to be essential to your success.

Is this a difficult program?
Yes; Titan Transformation has a very rigorous exercise component. However, with persistence and determination you will overcome any obstacles.

What kind of exercises will I be expected to complete? Are there modifications?
Titan Transformation is a gym based program so you will be using a variety of exercises and gym equipmen; including but not limited to weights, cardio equipment, jump ropes, ab rollers, etc. There are a limited number of modifications but you will be expected to work towards adherence to the program as written.

What if I don't like or am allergic to some of the foods in the nutrition regimen?
There are acceptable food substitutions within the program to accommodate any special needs.

How Do I know if I'm ready for titan Transformation?
Anyone who is generally healthy, over the age of 18 and is willing to put forth hard work to transform their body is ready for Titan Transformation. Titan Transformation is a program for beginners as well as gym experts.

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