Titan Transformation was created, like all great things, out of an unfulfilled need. After being in the fitness industry for years I've seen many people reach their fitness goals; however I've seen far more become discouraged and fail to reach their goals because of lack of knowledge, improper training technique, lack of motivation and inadequate nutrition; but even worse is seeing the same truly  dedicated people in the gym year after year and their bodies never seem to be changing.

Building an amazing body doesn't happen by accident, it's a very accurate artform that takes precise elements to create the proper physique building environment. In order to transform your physique you need 6 crucial components; if ANY one is lacking you won't get the results you desire....

If you are not fully mentally committed to your goal you cannot and will not succeed. How often do you see people set out on a gym regimen only to quit a few weeks later, or start a diet and then fall back into their old habits? Changing your mindset must be done on the subconscious level. By following proven mind altering techniques within the Titan Transformation you will learn how to develop unstoppable drive and fortitude that can be stopped by nothing on earth!! 

Complete Nutrition & Supplementation
Nutrition equates to a very large portion of your muscle building and fat loss endeavors. Without the proper fuel, your body will not run at optimum performance. This program has made nutrition and supplementation simple. This curriculum includes a blueprint which consists of 6 meals a day over the 12 weeks, that equals over 500 pre- written meals!!

Proper Weight Training & Cardio
The third component in transforming your body is targeted weight training and high intensity cardio routines. This curriculum leaves nothing out when it comes to training in the gym!  In it's clear and easily understood exercise gallery the Titan Transformation curriculum explains what exercises to do and how to properly execute the moves. The 12 week curriculum consist of over 90 exercises to create unique, challenging, high octane, result oriented gym workouts!!

-The body will not change without intensity!!
Titan training is based on a specific Target effort scale. When working to build muscle, increase endurance, gain strength or even get leaner you have to increase intensity! Many people make the mistake of constantly training at the same intensity level expecting to get results and are soon discouraged when they have little or no results. You must use the CORRECT progressive intensity in order to achieve massive results!!!

The human body has been created to adapt to almost any situation; this is why there must be constant variety in your workouts in order to continue making progress. No matter how hard you train, if you continue to do the same workout over and over, your body will eventually adjust to your routine and will no longer progress. This is where variety comes into play, by keeping your body guessing and improving.

Goal Setting & Tracking Progress
Goal setting and tracking progress are crucial to any endeavor, especially when it comes to fat loss or muscle building. Without setting goals and keeping track of your results you have no way of knowing if you're getting the desired results. Titan Transformation comes complete with accomplishment sheets to use in conjunction with goal setting exercises and workout grids that track your weights and reps for EVERY training session.

After more than 2 years of trial and error the perfect curriculum composed of all 6 elements of successful body transformation has been created. This program was designed to take the average person from wandering about the gym with no direction or specific plan, to creating a clear path to success. Titan Transformation provides the blueprint needed for extraordinary mind, life and body changes. Titan Transformation is customizable, affording the gym newbie the knowledge and support needed while providing the gym expert with new and challenging ways of pushing themselves for explosive results.

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